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SOLD THE DUMMY includes the ongoing series of posts that enter new territory that reach beyond the familiar playing field of raucous tribal instincts, scientific, and bureaucratic overload. The website include the posts and expansions of three categories based on the Hopkins Report.

Your current and future ideas, thoughts, comments, quips, ratings, and archive posts are welcome. In each case, no fluff and good humour is an advantage.

BERNIE IS BACK – is the latest Sold The Dummy – re-building the ruins of fossil fuel mining and electricity transmissions. Cleaning up the mess. Taking the water back.

TEDSPORT POST – thrives together the modern sport four elements; tribalism, home ground advantage, civility and aesthetics.

BLOKES WITH STROKES AT CAFE CUBA – a stroke is like a crow. The brain is ripped apart. No chance, except other avenues. A group that say; first we take ‘recovery’.


SOLD THE DUMMY publisher, creative director, and writer, Edward Hopkins (Ted), is a Carlton Premiership Player (1970), founder of Champion Books (1979), and Champion Data (1996), which is a company specialising in Australian Football statistics and analytics. His most recent book is The Stats Revolution – The life, loves and passion of football’s futurist, published by Slattery Media.

Images and editorial assistance is by photomonteur, book artist and the publisher of  MASTERTHIEF, Peter Lyssiotis.

The editor is M.E. McGuire, and author of All Things Opposite: Essays on Australian art published by Champion Books and Cynthia Nolan – A biography published by Melbourne Books.

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