slash: ted/sport/poet had a stroke. A stroke is like a crow. The brain is ripped apart. A white spot that’s dead. No chance, except possible avenues. If you have a stroke there will be some people who will cut you off…Ted Hopkins



ted/sport/is a theory:

I do this, I do that,

Do this, Do that,

You do this, You do that

What is this?

What is that?

Do up, Do down

Are you a Castillian

or a Catalan –

Ronaldo or Messi?

A Plato or an Aristotle?

A Beckett and an Orwell,

none or both?

why a /

It’s a punched zero.

It’s Latin / it encodes Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Google

this or that or more.

On February 10, 2017 I had a stroke. It was quick and soon after I began to know there are three main ways to die – immediate, soon, or longer/

cancer insidious,

cardiac arrest,

stroke damage,


A Stroke is a brain blow.

It is black, like a crow with a raucous voice. A crow is carnivore, and a stroke is much the same.  My experience of the stroke is how the carnivorous character gives the incapacitated little or no chance.

A crow is a high intelligence being, not all that far from being human.

Crows and humans like their mates and both eat meat.

Crows have had a bad reputation because they raid farm crops for seeds, nuts and fruit. Humans have had a bad reputation because they kill and maim for gain.

I was not dead. I was erratic. No speech, no reading, no sex, no driving license. Or in my case; it is a stroke this / that.

It seems the MRI white spot is not visible in my brain. Am I a fake?

I recovered quickly.

I’m good at recovery.

The medicos can’t work me out.

A stroke hasn’t written me off; but the brain is altered.

It can occur at any age to either gender.

It’s like a prison, a dead child/

The professor said:

“I have a rare certified degenerate brain

that looks like a stroke.”

Is this a crow ripping apart my brain?

Are all humans not degenerating?

The recovery was quick.

write/think/theory/is me,

sometimes trouble/

this or that.

I am not a bloke fiat ˈfiːat,ˈfʌɪat/noun/

either a Bible, Royalty, Clergy, authorisation decree

fixed by government, or a stylish Fiat acronym;


Always, I have had an ability to recover. I am now a member of a group / Blokes with Strokes at Cafe Cuba of Monday morning. It’s a group of about 10 to 15 blokes. Each of us have had a different stroke/brain blockage and some have had subsequent stokes; a second and third time.

None of us can go back to some previous times. We stay alive finding different avenues within our brains. The Cafe Cuba let’s us have a go.

Am I a slashed zero: hero

this or that/

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Display of zero in three typefaces. From top to bottom: slashed zero, dotted zero, plain or open zero.

slashed zero/ is a representation of the number ‘0‘ (zero), with a slash through it. The slashed zero glyph is often used to distinguish the digit “zero” (“0”) from the Latin script letter “O” anywhere that the distinction needs emphasis, particularly in encoding systems, scientific and engineering applications, computer programming (such as software development), and telecommunications.


Some cartoons depicted computer users talking in binary code with 1s and 0s using a slashed zero/

Image 2

It thus helps to differentiate characters that would otherwise be homoglyphs of synoglyph. It was commonly used during the punched card era, when programs were typically written out by hand, to avoid ambiguity when the character was later typed on a card punch.


Neil Young’s song goes:


It’s a victim’s message.

Blokes with Strokes goes:


to keep the brain alive.

Parts of the brain are dead –

what else can be done?

If parts of politics, economics,

engineer, or even sport are dead –

what else can be done?

All we can say about politicians is more money, please,

e.g. the marriage equality vote: yes/no

provides income no matter what happens, either way.

If it is a stroke, the income can’t earn as before.

Bugger we say:

The importance of Blokes with Stokes is to be there, at Cafe Cuba. Each one of us has a different stroke white dot/scar. Time at Cafe Cuba is a recovery time. We are gladdened over here/over there:

I am

thinking, writing, theorising/verification

data before opinion is my strength.

My multi-talent is excellent,

but also it can be trouble and it can create a puzzle

about what I do –

Recovery requires balance –

physical and mental strength/relaxation;

combining both is the better option.

A white dot/scar is dead.

The brain cannot be reset

with previous memories.

It’s sudden/no money,

no business, no sex.

The best chance is current

and futures/

what else can be done?

My brain is skewed. I am a poet. Younger, I was an elite sport performer – water skiing and Australian Football. Elite sport gets sponsorship and advertising income. Poets get lousy support and no money.

My sports theory aims to beat the market.

Why the market?

The line is above or below.

Crow says: The world returns to black.

The carnivore is an animal that eats flesh.

An incapacitated carnivore can be ripped apart.

Recovery alters from zero to black,

what else can be done?

sport theory/

is a map; patterns, cues,

that go further afield





Sport theory supports four pillars in different ways, but will remain the same forever – Tribal, Home Ground Advantage, Civility, and Aesthetics.

Of the pillars there are five categories – ball, hole, hit, measurement, and adjudication. They can be singular or intersect with each other.

Untitled 2

For example golf is a hit (club), ball, measurement, and hole. Football invades opposite ends, referees (umpires), and boundaries.

The ‘invasion’ also includes sports such as hockey – hit and ball; boxing – hit (gloves) and adjudication.

Measurement sport is go-to-whoa rules: run, sail, height and width and some require spears, horses, and engines.

Adjudication is a gymnastic fascination slash/:

peer panellist,

do this/do that

please, performer

Crow will say: yes or no

_AC_8619 Crow VII, 2016, Monotype, Black Ink on Hahnmuhle Paper, 59 x 69 cm jpg



For performance/recovery, each of the four pillars and five categories require the acronym of TOAV – T=talent, O=organising, A=analysis, and V=voodoo.

All of above will be explained further afield. Meanwhile, to begin with is my identity:

Q: Is Edward “Ted” Hopkins a dual citizen?

A: Yes/Gippslander & Australian

Unfortunately, the Australian Constitution does not make room for an elite poet & sport performer or even the geographical and polis of being a bloke Gippslander/the burden slab layers of brown coal the southeast corner of an OZ continent.

A clever psychologist said; Don’t think about the ‘worry’, even a word or sentence. Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it. I have in the past’ so there is no reason I won’t in the future. 

A Stroke is a brain flipped over into a dead spot. What else can be done? Orbiting at zero-g. Already, I am a planet slash: ted/sport/poet. The image of the Crow is from the painting and print of a wide beak that gulps down the remaining light.

#1 technical recovery

Let’s begin with fingers, hands, nail chewing and knuckles…

We are not members –

the Blokes with Strokes.

Nor are we a community meeting,

of the likes of AA, or a focus group, or a team.

We are a group of 10 to 15 blokes who assemble each Monday morning every second week at the Cafe Cuba. Each of us has brain spots that are dead and which will never recover. Each time we are there, at the Cafe Cuba, there is enjoyment and the feeling that we can recover.

The Crow rips apart the brain.

Within a few minutes, a stroke bloke can be dead.

It’s a bad year – 1 in 4 stroke blokes die.

What else can be done?

Blokes with Strokes require medicos who require corporate fiat managers  – left, right, centre, up or down – who cares?



We are not formal or informal. We are brain informals.  Safety and recovery is our necessity. Brain plasticity is available, Yes. However, we want gems, Please.

Can we touch the slightest finger, the twist of a hand,  push and pull an arm or a leg?

I am not a guitarist, drummer, pianist.

Earlier, I was an elite sport performer and for that

the fingers, hands, arms, and legs were essential.

I changed to be a poet, thinker, theorist.

It’s the same/tactile>body and soul<

Two pages of  The Book Of Slab =

Elliot Weir

I imagine this

I am a volume of water,

I have a surface.

I do not drag up things

or swallow things (in the sense of the sea).

I have been trimmed to the land.

I am an alien. I watch.

A pattern of small craft pass over my surface.

Overhead a sky.

An array of lights and satellites. 

Two surfaces.

A waterfowl flies between us.

The sun moves in.

A skier strikes out.

Signs of a new intelligence

begin to stir.

Eduction of the hands

Two blokes, friends walked across a lawn, talking

about the education of their hands…

What was he like at school? Did he play

with LEGO sets? And what profit did he see?

Could history be explained with a good pair

of hands, or a knife?

It was curious thinking about his hands, at each side,

palms open, like plains filled with wheat – 

he stood tall, erect, Encyclopaedic man /

attachments at the bottom of his wrists.

“You mean to say he wanted to become a tradesman?”

“No. The hands had been neglected,” he said.  

Without the hands there’s not enough. He wanted to know more.

He progressed, adapting his hands. In a way those forms became part of his body, but in another sense, he became another part. The feature of those forms…He added, “remarkable”. The two friends continued walking. As one spoke, he sliced his hands through the air. The other walked with his hands folded comfortably under his arms.

#2 MELAS man recovery

The Cafe Cuba is more than tile floors, white painted walls, laminated tables, steel chairs, and an expresso machine above kitchen benches…

The windows are large and clear. I can see the flow of tree bushes. On the street and on the pavement there is movement: the shifting of cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

Vision is possible for Blokes with Strokes: recovery on one side but then another – hunched shoulders, handcuffed hands Godot-type tree hovering Crow –

23-Man-tree_8111 copy

MELAS man with a genetic disorder which results in stroke and dementia. The fiat managers and medico doctors have abbreviated a MELAS syndrome that stands Mitochondrial Encephalopathy, Lactic acidosis, and Stroke-like episodes. Their abbreviated syndrome says I am a rare decrepit bloke who on average should die soon.

What can I do?

Be off-beat

Unlock the hands

Battle the way out

As brain informals

Structure is not available

Off-beat tempo is

Jazz, hiphop it –

Fiat managers scratch


Don’t worry –

do something else

One finger tip is enough

then another

can help recovery

click [1] recipe:

Push your palms together.

Pressure them but not too much.

All knuckles should be firm.

By then, the five fingers


should be touched together

as a steady fan.

Shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists

can rock left and right

or on the nose.

You are now on the main menu:

We are not Japanese fan fighters

or single foam fingers

for sport or supermarkets.

Begin the vector spread

below that is hopeful for us blokes –


MELAS  pulls us away.

Cafe Cuba can pull us together.

How can it be done?

Who cares?

You go forward, you go back.

If you leave me what can be done?

To touch is to recover. Tactile nibbles,

hands and fingers, can go further afield.

#3 political recovery

We are not left, centre, right, conservative, liberal, alternative, upperclass, middle, or underclass at Cafe Cuba. We are a group of brain informals. We have  brain white spots that are dead/forever…

But all we need is the formation of new connections between brain cells and political recovery. Plasticity is available. The brain is an organ that controls all functions of the body: inter and outer  –


It can be interpreted within the skull or outside in the world. The first stage is referred to as POLIS – the original version was the small self-contained Greek city-state; which has now been built to serve both the suburbs and the countryside.

 ACQUA is the second stage; understood in deeper terms than just water. It is a colour, it contains nutrients. It deposits minerals. It can rage, be stored, drowned in, and fought over.

But collisions occur. And too often, this is where the plundering and profiteering happens. Often this plundering is hidden from view in order to serve the vested interests of the powerful.

I write: It’s where the seeds lie. Who is deceiving us? How much do we deceive ourselves? Don’t we wish to avoid the carnage coming at us, even within ourselves?

At Cafe Cuba, the Blokes with Strokes gather together. But we will never be a revolutionary mob – a vanguard & peasant union. Our brain memory is stuck. Nostalgia is not our game. However, we take ‘recovery’ to heart.

We are on the side of Leonard Cohen’s lyric:

They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom

For trying to change the system from within

I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.

What can be done? The powerful dictate while those who are sentimental or wistful affection occurs. Jingoism and stardom accelerates, followed by astonishment/distain/horror/

character is lost forever.

The list goes on:

French Revolution/Napoleon


Spanish War/Franco

Chinese Revolution/Mao

Cuban Revolution/Fidel (not at Cafe Cuba)

Vietnam War/Ho Chi Min/Kissinger

Iran anti-Shah War/ Ayatollah Khomeini

Will there be another revolution during the current Century?


It says in The Book of Slab, 1983, You can’t shock people anymore. The Deep Song and Other Prose works by Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) provides an answer.

The Gypsy siguiriya begins with a terrible scream that divides the landscape into two ideal hemispheres. It is the scream of dead generations, a poignant elegy for lost centuries, the pathetic evocation of love under other moons and other winds.

What does political recovery mean?

For his beliefs, at the age 38, Lorca was assinated by the firing squad of Franco’s Nationalist forces. The ‘terrible screams’ of his whereabouts will remain forever.


We know who are the Duke brutal forces such as Franco Nationalists and Hitler Gestapos. Who else is above brutality, but is deceptive? Is it Prince Rupert on behalf of Fiat managers who fire the jingoism and celebrity stardom to plunder their royal profits?

The Cafe Cuba recovery cannot be forced.

Balance yes/physical & mental strength alternatives are included, such as tenacity, courage, vitality, durability & the 7 R’s: relaxation, refreshment, relief, recline, rest, repose, requiescence + amusement.

A bloke with a stroke has a brain dead spot zero:


We are struck down by a brain attack violence.

First we take recovery.

Next, we cover the madness of empires.


Acknowledgement: The Crow paintings and prints are from Susan Wald’s exhibition at Langford120 Gallery, 5 August to 3 September, 2017. The three poems from her catalogue are by Peter Lyssiotis – photomonteur, book artist, and writer of Masterthief.



Sally Morrison

Sally Morrison

Love you, Ted.


Glenda Levy

Glenda Levy

You are, and always have been, a beautiful man Ted.


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