It seems Donald Duck and Donald Trump seem inseparable. And funny. They are made from the same American cloth but could not inhabit the same sphere, DD belongs to Disneyland and DT in the White House.

Both share similar kink to their hairstyles. Both have bum-tail swaggers. Both always have something to be pissed off about. In the case of DT its the Washington DC Establishment and for DD, it’s the do-gooder, Micky Mouse.

They can both quack.

Neither can take their eyes off a ‘chick’ with a short skirt. For DD it’s always Mini Mouse and DT it’s any pussy he likes.  If they don’t get what they want, they get irritated and cranky.

 You’re fired! Outa.

The differences between DD and DT extend to the powers they desire wield within their domains.  Never will DD want to be a President of the United States. He remains in a comic world where his purpose is to be a temperamental foil for Micky. He’s funny because he has an unfettered licence to be pesky forever.

DT does not want to stay pesky. He wants to be a President who can play the Fool, a hoodwinker. He is not a Goofy. He’s good at blindsiding. He knows how we can deceive ourselves!

The Trump is a duck and not a duck. When DD quacks he quacks and goes on quacking. When DT quacks he trumpets, loud as possible; the blasts are heard around the world.

DT sells the Dummy so he can be Chief Of Command.

His mottos, Make America Great Again and America First are ambiguous jokes. The ‘America Great’ is aimed at the rustbelt voters and the ‘America Firstat the gunbelt electorate.

It’s the nifty switch.

The America Great message will never succeed because of his ruling self interest. There are riddles and sly enigmas that he’s unable to handle. His baseball hats and a kinky hairstyle will fade, soon or eventually.

The America First shoots from a gunbelt holster with extra warhead missiles and nuclear bombs. In the presidential campaign he reaped the benefit of the militarist industry’s support, about 70% voters compared to Hilary Clinton’s 30%.

Otherwise they can say, Donald, You’re fired! Outa.

Among his proclamations was a $54 billion increase of defence spending. The USA and its military-might  industry will now get an increase amount of $1 trillion plus per year. Yet again, the buckets of money can only prove horrid and useless.

The repeated pattern of American failure and carnage includes the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and within its own borders, Gangster, Race, and Drug warfares among others. Recently, the Trump 59 Tomahawk warhead missiles fired into Syria. At least half of them missed their targets and killed 100 or more civilians.  Dismissing the Syrian failure and carnage is his next joke, destroying North Korea.

The problem is that its ruler Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump quack much the same.

The names, Kim, Trump, and Duck are all syllabic. DD is not allowed to do anything other than being a pesky comic. Pesky Kim and Trump cherish their gunbelt holster warhead missiles and nuclear bombs.

As autocratic ‘chiefs of command’ these two rulers are the same except Kim holds power as Dictator,  based in Pyonyang free to terrorise all Koreans. Trump exists entirely on the premise of loudness and the support of his backers. Kim is not a President. Instead, he claims Royalty inherited from his dad. His unusual hairdo is his crown. No North Korean is allowed to replicate it.

Trump is not a Royalist. (His inheritance was purely financial.) His hairdo replicates the Duck’s.  He quacks. His baseball hat mottos are derived from the far-right G.O.P, the Grand Old Party of true Republicans. On behalf of America and everywhere else, he sees himself as the supreme entertainer. He is funny and he’s a narcissist. The mirror he looks in reflects the joy of automatic warfare in his doppleganger face, part Disney part Scandinavian. As  President he’s good at putting on a public face, kind and friendly, hostile and threatening, excelling at appearing as the Chief Of Command.

Trump also became President of the United States through his animated recycling of President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 slogan, Make America Great Again. As a ‘friendly President’ Reagan funded death squads and instigated the Strategic Defence Initiative, dubbed Star Wars. In 1940 an ‘America First Committee’ was created by anti-semitic, pro-fascist members such as Henry Ford, Avery Brundage, and Charles Lindberg. We live again in dangerous times.

The seeds of The Donalds’ cult were sown in 1934 with creation of DD. The roots took hold offshore in 1973 when Norwegian, Jon Gilse, published his book, Donaldismen, based on his study of Disney comics. In Europe a series of fan societies blossomed.

We are seeing a revival of Donaldism in the United States. DT is a doppelgänger, someone who looks like someone else, a fake President.



Max Thomas

Max Thomas

Trump is the decoy and the duck. Lame Donald won’t have to duck for cover, he already knows where the guns are aimed.


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